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I am an old lady of  78 years of age-- I like reading, writing and gardening. Up to the present time I still running some blogs but www.bundayati.com among those blogs is the most active one. To refresh my brain and to avoid the senility comes at the earliest time, chances to attend  any Seminar or Workshop in line to upgrade either my capability or skill in writing is a must.

 Online Activities:
·        Member of some Media Social Groups: Kumpulan Emak2 Blogger (KEB), Warung Blogger, BlogCamp, Blog of Friendship, BlogDetik, Fun Blogging.Blogger Perempuan + BP Network
·        I joined several Writing Contests and won some of them, resulting of having about nineteen (19) books of Anthology up to the end of 2013.
·        Published my own book, entitled "Me and My Life, Bunga Rampai Kehidupanku." in February 2015.

·         Frankly speaking, because of my serious activity in blogging at my old age, Kumpulan Emak2 Blogger presented an Award to me as an appreciation for my running my blog routinely, in April 2013 I received an Award and a predicate as Srikandi Blogger "Lifetime Achievement 2013"."
·        Doing translation from Indonesian into English vice versa for letters requested by the third parties relating to confidential matters -- (For a General English terminology only.) -- not in term of a Document.
·        Taught English lesson for fatherless children in my surroundings area. Lead and show the students or others, who need to improve their English pronunciation in a better way.

Latest results of my online activities:
·        Paid Job Review - .From several Media Social Communities
·        Produced my own book, entitled "Me and My Life -- Bunga Rampai Kehidupanku." -- Published by Sixmidad Printing Office, produced in February 2015.

·         A Collection of Short Stories and a collection of Flash Fictions are being edited --  hopefully to be published in 2016

Twitter: @yatirachmat
LinkedIn: id.linkedin.com/pub/yati-rachmat/20/28a/774/en
URL: www.bundayati.com
Phone/WA: 082153732170


  1. Wah ternyata blogger sudah lama dan masih bisa bertahan untuk menulis artikel . Mantab dan, Sukses selalu ..

  2. Mantap banget bunda, Bahasa Inggrisnya kece badai. FBnya konfirmasi aku dong Bunda, pengen berteman :)

  3. keren bunda bahasa inggris nya mantap bun...

    susu kental manis untuk anak 2 tahun

  4. Bunda, saya izin mampir ngepoin profil bunda ya. MasyaAllah saya bener-bener ngefans sama bunda. Nenek saya saat ini usia 82 tahun, sudah sakit dan pikun. Bunda usia 78 tahun masih produktif , masih bisa menebar manfaat kepada sesama lewat tulisan. saya amazed banget sama bunda. Sehat selalu ya bunda, semoga nanti saya bisa seperti bunda.

  5. Bunda kok keren :/ saya mah apa cuma nulis hal2 receh~


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