Do You Have to Love Yourself?

I am sure everybody will share a positive answer of YES to the above mentioned title of my posting: Do You Have To Love Yourself? Of course, only those the optimistic people! Nobody will love you as much as your love given to yourself, not even your partner, your spouse, your beloved children or grandchildren. Positively, you have to, repeat, you have to love yourself.

The happiness will come towards you if you love yourself. Stay away from being silly all the times. Do not ever give a space in your mind, even a slightest spot, that you are nobody. That you are nothing compared to the other people around you. Think positive! Then the happiness  is there for you. Do not argue with yourself about how dumb you are. How unhappy you are. These kind of feelings will bring you far away from being appreciated by others. Don’t do that. Ever! 

If your mind bothering you and giving you the opinion  that you don’t deserve to be among the people you know because they are all smarter than you, more professional than you, ignore it! Do not bother about it! In here you have to be proud of yourself. Do not ever under-estimate yourself. Show off who you are wisely. Let them surprisingly notice your confidence.  Encourage yourself and deep in your heart and mind you have to scream very loud  that you are not what  they’ve thought about. You are somebody. You know exactly who you are. You are now a better individual than the others. By the time you've got yourself back, give them smile. A gentle smile. They will smile at you in return. 

When you start to love yourself each day, unpredictably, you will be surprised  facing the result of yourself – that is -- your lives  almost totally get better and better. You are really feel much fun and happiness is there along with you. As  said previously you have to be proud of yourself.  Do not compare what you are or who you are with other people. The God Almighty has created all human-beings in a different shape, appearance, size and character. If you do not satisfy of what you are and who you are, then nobody will. 

You ought to change the way of your thought about physical appearance of yours.  You  have to be grateful to the Creator for what He has created you. You have to give yourself a very, very deep appreciation for who you are.  Accept the difference of yourself from others. Why? Because you are special.
The important thing is not the physical appearance that matter, but how you treat others with  good and pleasant attitude, sincere, and not pretending to be nice to others. You can do things that mentioned above – be nice, be sincere, be honest to people around you, only if you love yourself. You do accept all the different parts of yourself, even the things you may not do so well. No matter who you are you have to be proud o yourself – in other words you can say – you have to own in your heart the beauty of mind. 

As an example, you are baking a cake without following the recipe from the Chef precisely, what will happen then? The cake were cooked unsuccessfully, the taste is not so delicious, the shape is so bad. So the key is you should follow the right recipe to make the cake cooked beautifully and having an awesome taste.  Everything has to be learned and so, do the same with you --  learn how to love yourself  to make you happy.  It is very simple – change the way you judge other people from your point of view. Look at yourself! It might be you, yourself, who ought to change. If you think about others positively – then you’ll get the feedback from them.

You have to change anything  you don’t like staying alive in your personality and start getting rid off it. If you  don’t have any willingness to love yourself right-away, today, you are then not going to love yourself tomorrow. Not even for the rest of your lives. You will realize whatever excuses you're having today, it's still there tomorrow, or maybe you will have the same excuses for the forthcoming ten or twenty years or even perhaps for 30 years to come. As time goes by, this will stay  in your entire life, very tight holding on to the same excuses. Then you will become totally an introvert person.You don't appreciate your life and seems no gratitute to the Creator as well. Poor you.

Furthermore, if you think that you are not as smart as other people, not to worry too much about that.  You are able to improve your skill and knowledge that will make others proud of you. Why is it? Of course, one of the most important reasons that you have to do is building your support and enthusiasm to improve the hiding capabilities of yours. Again, why is it? Because you  love yourself, there’s no doubt other people will love you too.

Don't stop learning and dig more knowledge to improve your skill gradually. Encouraging yourself to develop your mind is number one to think of. You can do it through start building a communication or a conversation with people as many chances as you are able to. Be happy to get contact with people. If you are reluctant to choose what's the best for your life then nobody willHide your pride, throw away your ego, start to make friends. Be a humble, amiable person. It is a beauty of your mind that will be appreciated by others -- not your physical extra-ordinary look or your gorgeous appearance. Then you are proud to give the answer to the above mentioned title of my posting: Do You Have to Love Yourself? Yes!  I do. I love me!


  1. Yes Bunda, we need to encourage ourselves.I like your words: hide your pride and throw away your ego. That's very difficult thing to do, but we must do in order for us to improve ourselves. The difficult thing is to fight with ourselves.

  2. Love to read the article bunda ... Very well thought and written. Thanks for sharing.

  3. "Love yourself" jd ingat lagunya justin bieber bun...
    Keren postnya... ajarin nunu nulis postingan berbahasa inggris dong bun ^^

  4. Answering your question, yes! I do love myself. If we think ourselves are bad, then it will be like that. In other hand, if we think we're great, then we will be great. We've to get out there and do it, rather than just think about how we want ourselves to be. There's really no excuse or constraint within a reason. Life could be end at any moment. We don't be alive to regret. We should ask ourselves, "Do we want to die without doing the things that we have wanted to do like loving and taking care of ourselves?"

    Bunda, you're my inspiration. Love you.

    Warm regards,

  5. I do love myself Bunda thanks for reminding us :)

  6. I can't agree more. Everything starts with ourselves including love. If we don't know how to love ourselves, how can we know to love others?

  7. Ah, like this article, Bunda. For a long time, I always love my self.

    Bunda, I answer you question not more, only this.

  8. Love me, love me, love me...
    As a busy mother sometimes I fail to love myself due to loving my kids more.
    But yes. I will love them more and more if I give the chance to love myself.

    Thanks for sharing your motivation, Bunda.

  9. Love yourself by loving others

    Thank you for reminding us Maam

    Salam saya

  10. I love myself so much, Bunda. Alhamdulillah. But, I wasn't a confident guy. Just after consistently writing blog, and then some of my books get published, my confidence growing and growing. And I think I should love myself for that. In the end, I finally found out that loving ourselves should be unconditional.

  11. Indeed! that is why they always say that happiness comes from within. Once you love yourself and feel grateful, then the world will follow suit :)


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